Missing Grandchildren

    Sometimes for various reasons we have grandchildren we cannot see. Just because a parent denies us the joy of watching these grandchildren grow up, it  doesn't stop the love we have for these very special children. Each golden heart on this page represents a child who has been forbidden contact with his or her grandparents.  If you click on a name you can read a letter to that grandchild from the grandmothers and grandfathers that love them.
Submit your Grandchild's name and a letter to this site!
If you are a denied access grandparent and want to post a letter to your missing grandchild please 
Click Here.  Writing a love letter to a missing grandchild is a good way of healing our wounded sprites and letting the children out there that are missing their grandparents know they have not been forgotten. 

Writing Guidelines:
We ask that you use first names of the grandchildren only to protect their privacy. If needed I will edit letters to remove any identifying information such as last names and addresses. 

If you would like to add a photo to the letter make it a photo of yourself for your grandchild to see. I will not publish any photos of children.

I reserve the right to reject any letter that I feel may cause the child or his or her parents pain and embarrassment. This site is for love letters only.